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    Anja from UG Austria is currently at a Training in Romania. Find the Infos below.

    Download HERE

    Let’s Be EcoFriends – Serbian festival

    A youth exchange called Let`s Be EcoFriends is going to be held from 9th to 14th of August in Subotica, Serbia. As the title suggests, the project will be focused on ecology. Shwampy, one of the organisers, tells us more about the topic and the programme they prepared – click here!

    Time travelling – from 13th to 19th of June in Berlin!

    Have you ever thought of time travelling? How was the life in the 1900s, 1950s or in the crazy 1960s? This is what the German United Games of Nations 2011 called “Time travel International – the times they are changing” will be about. Through a number of workshops focused on Gender, Culture & Religion and Politics & Law the participants will get an insight into the three periods of past and will compare them with the today’s world. They will also visit the centre of Berlin and have fun at theme parties with participants from 15 countries. When they come back to the present, they will share their experience with us, don’t forget to check our web page!

    APV Czech Republic starts this week!

    The preparation meeting for the Czech festival is going to be held from 20th to 22th of May in Olomouc. UGCZ is looking forward to welcome representatives from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia and to give them some useful information about the festival. Apart from working hard ;) , there will be some fun as well – a visit of IMPROSHOW (improvisational theatre performance which involves the audience) is planned!

    See you soon in Olomouc!

    Gates to Lusofonian Countries

    A final product of Klára Lakomá’s EVS service in Portugal, a booklet “Gates to Lusofonian Countries”, is available at the UGCZ EVS website here! :)

    5th UGI General Assembly…

    …starts tomorrow, 8th April around 15h at Schottwien, a village near Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag. The UGI representatives are looking forward to meet participants from all the UG countries, and also participants from the Möwe motivation weekend of UG Austria. :)

    UGCZ looking for volunteers!

    United Games Czech Republic is looking for an EVS volunteer, who would replace Stefanie Jauk in August this year. The service would take place in Olomouc from approximately 10th August 2011. Interested? Then send your CV and motivation letter to contact-czech.rep@unitedgames.org until 24th March 2011! :) More information here.

    News from Stefanie!

    For those interested in the European Voluntary Service, Stefanie Jauk (Austrian in the Czech Republic) wrote a new update about her stay in Olomouc. Read and enjoy! :)

    UG Austria Motivation Weekend

    United Games Austria has prepared a motivation weekend for everybody, who wants to try what being an UG member is like! :) An invitation is here in German langugage, both invitation and the application form are available for downloading below. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to apply!! :)
    For more information please contact Anja Blassnig on contact-austria@unitedgames.org.

    For downloading the invitation please click HERE.

    For downloading an application form please click HERE.

    Naturtalent on-line

    A publication “Naturtalent – Young People’s Book on Sustainability and Climate Protection”, made by participants of the UG Austria youth exchange 2008 and by the UG Austria team, is available on-line here.

    The Young People’s Book on Sustainability and Climate Protection is the outcome of a gathering of young people from 10 different European countries that are concerned. It contains our opinions and ideas about environmental issues and sustainability. You will notice pretty soon that this book was not written by an expert on nature and climate change but by motivated young people that dared to express their views and opinions.