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  • 5th General Assembly

    5th General Assembly of the United Games International took part in a wonderful village of Schottwien, Austria. Two representatives from each UGI country were invited, when in the end there were two representatives from Austria (Simone Feiner and Josef Lichtenegger), 2 from the Czech Republic (Alena Vaníčková and Veronika Smutná), 2 from Germany (Nick Platz and Nina Zerche), 1 from Slovenia (Timotej Gašpar) and two people came from our new candidate country, Poland (Aleskandra Franczak and Ernest Żochowski). Moreover, two members of the Senate took part: Hannes Koudelka and Lenka Polcerová.

    The most important decisions made by the 5th GA:

    • suspension of the UG Hungary – due to persistent problems, which affect the rest of the UGI countries, and due to Hungary’s unwillingness to solve these issues.
    • agreeing with the “candidate membership” of the Polish group. At the next GA, if the cooperation with the UGI countries and the Poland goes well, they will become the full member of the UGI.
    • elections of the new Senate, which had to be arranged, because the election period of the first senate ran out. Unilaterally, Hannes Koudelka was re-elected as a secretary general again, Natálie Vaverková became a communication coordinator, and Nick Platz is a project coordinator until April 2013. The vice-secretary general will be negotiated at the next Senate meeting, accoridng to the UGI constitution.

    Some photos from the 5th GA meeting:

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