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  • 2007 EYC Austria

    It’s Your Turn! – European Youth Congress 2007

    The European Youth Congress on youth-led (development) projects – titled “IT’S YOUR TURN!” took place between August 5th and 12th in Mürzzuschlag, Austria.
    About 60 young participants from all over Europe, each of them either experienced or highly motivated in carrying out projects on (sustainable) development, human rights, art and culture took part in the congress. The projects are now carried out by the participants in their home countries. During the congress a huge variety of workshops were offered, where young people could attain the necessary skills for their projects and for themselves.

    About 20 participants of the European Youth Congress were successful with their application to join the 4th World Youth Congress in Québec City in August 2008.

    “Words can’t explain XD”

    From European Youth Congress 2007, posted by Petra Kozomara on 8/15/2007 (50 items)

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