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  • 2009 EYC Slovenia

    Logo EYC 09

    25th July – 1st August 2009 :: Izola, Slovenia
    The European Youth Congres 2009 (EYC09), entitled Challenge, Suggest, Act!, is a response to the growing young people’s apathy in Europe. Besides trying to teach the right approach to criticism, the Congress will enlight a n area that has always been concealed and considered as a taboo topic – the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities (YPFO) in decision-making processes. As the YPFOs are considered to be all young people that have had difficulties to integrate in the society due to their background (mental or physical disability, ethnical or difficult family background, socio-economical status, sex orientation, criminal past, being an early school dropper, living in a remote area etc.), the event will raise awareness about this specific group of young people that amount to the number of 73 million in the European Union.

    From European Youth Congress 2009, posted by Ella Baubau on 8/27/2009 (200 items)

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