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  • 2010 Youth-led 101

    The seminar Youth-led 101 was held from the 28th of September to the 3rd of October in Judenburg/Styria/Austria.

    We hosted participants from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia.

    The main focus of the seminar was on youth-led projects and youth-led organisations and how they can learn from each other. Furthermore what young people would need to improve their projects with a special focus on trainings courses.

    The activities were planned in accordance to get an overview of this big area: Best and Worst practice sharing and creating a “Wish list” for future trainings courses. All the methodologies were chosen because of the high level of interactivity.

    The outcomes will be shared with other organisations through an outcome document and an online hub.

    Report from the participants:

    As part of a youth network we are all kind of farmers: we seed ideas in the hope of seeing them grow. For making this happen we need to work cultivate them and try to keep pests away. Farmers of different regions use different methods on the way to a havy crop, so do we. To get to know different solutions for the same problems we met up on our “farm”: The youth hostel in Judenburg, Austria.

    We were all in a good mood yet from the beginning: We met people we haven’t seen for a long time, talked about past UG events, started singing and dancing and had a wonderful first evening.

    But as we all knew we came there for a quite serious reason. So we didn’t waste time and started to work in the morning of the second day. The organizing team had changed the program in the beginning and all we knew was that – instead of having workshops on how to manage a group of young people and so on – we would learn how to bake an apple pie.

    As you can imagine we all were a little confused. But the mystery got cleared up yet in the beginning. What we were supposed to do was to go through a quite funny process: Blossoming apples, harvest them, sorting out the bad ones, recycling them, go to the kitchen, get the ingredients we needed out of our cupboard and – finally – bake the apple strudel.

    Not clear yet?

    Maybe I should mention that the apples were used as a symbol for the processes in the national sections and the skills of the people.

    So what we did in practice was to think about things in our UG section we were proud of and write them down on apple-shaped papers as a first step. After dividing them to groups with different main topics, we started to work on it. We figured out what we already have, thought about the problems, exchanged experiences and realized quickly that there are already solutions.

    It may sound like the story of a typical and boring operating procedure but what it all made special was the way how we did it. WIth a funny and motivating methodology we got through the process step by step. Remembering all the time that we were part of the story about the apple tree and the strudel.

    Between our working sessions we did some dances, played ice breakers and energizers and enjoyed the feeling of being part of an ongoing project.

    In the beginning some of us had doubts if the UG dream will grow and if we will be able to harvest it someday. After that week the problems aren’t still solved, but now we definitely know that there is someone in our big family for each problem who knows how to handle it.

    (prepared by Media Team International – MTI)

    Project supported by:

    Youth in Action programme

    From youth-led 101, posted by Hannes Koudelka on 10/04/2010 (41 items)

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