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  • Sharing is Caring (2011)

    The Austrian festival called Sharing is Caring is going to take place from 4th to 11th of September 2011 in Mürzzuschlag. As the organisers describe the project: “The main aim is get to know each other and the life of people who are often faced with social exclusion. We will split up into groups and visit different institutions like old people home, working place of handicapped people or home of refugees and spend some time with them for fighting prejudices. Moreover a group of 10 people will prepare a theatre which deals about (il)legal people of this world. Beside this we find out your own limits in a high wire crag and will dance, sing and shout out all of our thoughts at the Loud March and at the final presentation.” This time there will not be a traditional food exchange, instead of this each evening one delegation will prepare dinner and creative program for the rest of people.

    Enjoy the festival!

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