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    Contact person:

    Natálie Vaverková: contact-czech.rep@unitedgames.org

    United Games Czech Republic is a team of approximately 25 active volunteers from Olomouc region, who are usually students of local high schools or universities. Every year, they prepared several projects, in which main target groups are students – that means people in the same age as the organizers.

    Main current projects of UGCZ:

    Youth Echanges

    Every year we prepare a youth exchange for youngsters all over the Europe. Some pictures are available in “photos”.

    • 2010: “Let’s Get Closer”, topic: social disagvantages
    • 2009: “Through the Walls”, topic: barriers
    • 2008: “The Human Communication”, topic: communication
    • etc…

    Supported by:

    Youth in Action programme

    “Europe on the Square” project (Evropa na náměstí)

    The project was built up to remind people the origins, existence and main issues within the Europen Union – it’s usually arranged around the 9th May, which is listed at the Schumans’ day (origins of the idea of European integration).

    Main idea: to show there are many different cultures and nations within EU, but we all are European citizens and we can be united if we can.

    The project integrates mainly young students from basic and high schools of Olomouc region:

    Group of approximately 5 students chooses a country to present. They prepare basic information, games, food, costumes – that means everythng which can be exhibited for the whole day within a stall, which is provided to them. And part of their exhibition is also a stage presentation, which should introduce some features typical for the country. They need to be creative and funny to be the best, but they also need to introduce the countries culture as well as possible.


    “Europe of the Opportunities” (Evropa možností – chceš-li)

    A project lied in creating and realizing workshops at basic and high schools in Olomouc region in 2009. Main topic of the workshop was ‘activism’ and it’s advantages. Through interactive activities, young UGCZ members tried to show the students which possibilities of getting unique experience they can easily profit from. One of the topics was also concerned to a chairmanship of Czech Republic in the European Union.

    At the moment, we prepare “Europe of the Opportunities II.”, which should be based mainly on volunteerism and should motivate young students to get experience and skills out of their school desks.

    Partners: DDM Olomouc, schools in the Olomouc region

    Supported by: