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    Since 2008, United Games Czech Republic is an accredited sending, hosting & co-ordinating organization for European Voluntary Service (Youth in Action, Action 2).

    Current volunteer in the Czech Republic:

    • Lina Tuomas, Luthuania (25th August 2011 – 25th August 2012)

    Past volunteer in the Czech Republic:

    • Stefanie Jauk, Austria (15th September 2010 – 15th August 2011)
    • Anja Blassnig, Austria (20th February 2009 – 20th September 2010)

    Current volunteers abroad:

    • Jana Kotrbová, Kateřina Faitová – destination: Armenia

    Past volunteer abroad:

    • Klára Lakomá, destination: Portugal (15th February – 15th April 2011, short-term EVS)

    Future volunteers abroad:

    • Magdalena Rausová, destination: Moldova, beginning of EVS: September 2011
    • Pavla Folbrechtová, destination: Portugal, beginning of EVS: October 2011

    Our past and current volunteers share with us their experience and impressions of their EVS in the Czech Republic and abroad. Find out what EVS is about!

    Jana & Kateřina’s reports from Armenia

    Klára’s EVS : Gates to Lusofonian Countries

    Reports of Czech volunteers about their EVS:

    Stefi’s second report

    posted on 13th March 2011

    Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

    And that’s what I have been doing for already six months now here in Czech Republic. I try to enjoy every day, and often it is quite easy to enjoy, because there are so many interesting and new things for me all the time :)

    The last months I was really busy. After spending Christmas back home in Austria, I participated in a course for getting a snowboard instructor. We had one intensive week of training, including practical and theoretical things according to winter sports. The last day there were also some exams and finally I passed everything and got my licence as snowboard instructor.
    Since then I have been teaching many Saturdays in our skiing school from the sport centre. It was a big challenge for me to teach Czech kids and talk only Czech with them, but I think I managed it quite well. At the end of each day the small boys and girls knew how to ride down the slope :)
    We also had one big skiing course, “Ski and Snowboard Academy”, for one week in Jeseniky. There was a lot of program, we went skiing everyday but we also played a lot of games, did a lot of activities and had some presentations about avalanches and stuff.

    I am a person who can’t get fed up with skiing and snow and winter, so I also went to the Krkonoše mountains with my flatmates and their friends. We spent there some days in a nice cottage where we had to cook and heat on our own and every day we went to one of the nice skiing areals in the surroundings. There I also gave some snowboard lessons to four kids from Netherlands :)

    The last weekend I spent in Vienna, there I had a workshop from AFS (I work there as a volunteer in Austria, but it has nothing to do with EVS) and there I met my Austrian friends. Afterwards I visited Tereza (my former Czech teacher who is now living in Vienna) and Anja (the Austrian girl who did her EVS in UG CZ last year). It was so nice to see them again :)

    The rest of my time is full of other meetings for UG or some children camps, sport activities, concerts and fun. I really enjoy living in Olomouc, even though I have so much things to do that there is no really daily life (well, of course there is, but at the moment just a few days every month J )

    My Czech already got a lot better, I manage my day just speaking Czech to everyone! Sometimes I still have problems with the vocabulary, but if someone talks to me, I understand nearly everything.
    At the moment we are searching for a new Czech teacher and I hope there will be somebody found soon to improve my language knowledge.

    This weekend I will just have coffee with some friends or watch a movie or so. I really need a short break, because next week my totally-planned-and-ful-of-program-live will start again :)


    Stefi’s report about her first months in Olomouc

    posted on 9th December 2010

    The first months of my EVS in Olomouc are already over; if you ask me about my start in Czech Republic, I just can answer you: very intensive and like a dream.

    “Why did you choose Czech Republic?” – A question I have to answer very often, sometimes in English or German, sometimes in Spanish or in Czech :) 
Well, I think there is no real answer. Of course I was very interested in Czech culture, language and people, but I am interested in every country in the whole world, I think! It was just a good feeling to choose Czech Republic and now I know that it was the right one!

    But what actually is my work here? Again, there’s no right answer – it is different every day and every week. During the year there are a lot of United Games activities and actions I participate in, but that’s not really my daily work.
    I work in the Akademik Sport Centre, there is always a bit of office work to do, at the moment we are promoting our children camps in winter (I am already looking forward to it). So I can help with hundreds of papers, letters and so on. There are always some activities for children like „Mikulás Shows“ and so there is a lot of work.

    In the afternoon I often spend my time in DDM, the childrenhouse in Olomouc. Sometimes I just talk to the Czech people there and organize my stuff, but I also participate in the activities of DDM: there are a lot of ceramic courses, painting and drawing courses for children, we also went to the Zoo to play with them and so on. There are so many things, it is impossible not to like one of them :)

    The rest of my time here in Olomouc is totally planned and full of things: meeting up with my mentor Jana for coffee or a talk, participating in sport activities of our Sport Centre, going to some parties with Erasmus students or my Czech friends, visiting the places in and around Olomouc, singing in the choire, …

    Another important thing is that I really try to learn Czech. And believe me, it’s not that easy. Sometimes I just want to cry if my wonderful teacher Terka explains me some Czech grammar and it’s just impossible to understand it :) It’s very difficult, but I always try to use the words and sentences I know and I already can talk to people if the speak slowly and clearly. I also try to read books and watch movies, even if sometimes it is quite hard to understand.
    Well, I am sure my Czech knowledge will get better and better during my time in Olomouc, and I hope during the next year there will be a lot more work, fun and experience which I won’t forget in my life!


    Anja’s report about her EVS in the Czech Republic:

    EVS in Czech Republic

    “That’s the place where I will spend my next 7 months!” The thought was at the same time amazing, but also a bit scaring. Czech Republic, this for me totally unknown country should be my new home! Would I be able to deal with this new situation as foreigner, who doesn’t understand any word of this so different and strange sounding language?

    While waiting at the bus station in Olomouc for somebody to pick me up, I thought back to India, where this spontaneous crazy idea of doing European Voluntary Service in Czech Republic appeared. With a smile on my face I thought back to all the great people I met on this perfect first UG-festival and suddenly my fears changed into excitement to see some of them in a few hours again!

    And really, the next day was already a meeting of all active members of United Games Czech Republic. I became immediately part of them! From the first moment I felt, that I would perfectly fit in this great team of funny, friendly and motivated youngsters.
    All of them were willed to cooperate with the others, to work hard and to organize a Youth Exchange which should stay in the minds of the participants all their lives. I was really impressed by the good-working system!

    Enthusiastically everyone prepared his parts and also I had my responsibilities to fulfill. From different trainings and former work with children groups I had my head full of ideas, energizers and ice-breaking games, interesting methods and simulation games and finally I got the possibility to apply all these things.

    “Let´s get closer” – UG Czech 2010 – was finally a big success.  It’s a great feeling, when you see, that the participants are enjoying your program and if you experience such a great teamwork as it was happening there.

    And of course this was not the only project I took part in. There was a preparation weekend for new UG-members, the Day of Europe-project, summer camps for children and and and.
    But if I would start now, to tell everything I did during my EVS in detail, I would never finish this article :) .

    Anyway it’s such a pity that this great time is over now, I enjoyed every minute of my voluntary service in the Czech Republic. Really, staying there another 7 months wouldn’t have been a problem for me!

    But on the other hand I wasn’t too sad, when I left Olomouc, because I knew that I will meet my Czech friends again and again.
    This was just the beginning of my UG-career. I already decided to be part of UG-Austria and I am sure that there are still a lot of tasks waiting for me in this big wide and nevertheless close world of United Games of Nations.

    Anja Blaßnig, Austria

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