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    10th February 2011

    United Games of Nations – Czech Republic team of young people was working really hard last few months on preparing projects for 2011. Among these projects will be:

    • Europe on the square (Evropa na náměstí)

    Traditional project will be prepared for May 2011 in a cooperation with Europe Direct centre and the Children House. Students of basic and high schools will again compete in a competition for the best presentations of various countries from the European Union and therefore will celebrate the Shuman’s Day – day of founding the european integration.

    • Youth exchange – “Bee Free”

    Will be held between 20th and 27th June 2011; main topic of volunteering
    head organiser: Pavlína Herentinová
    The youth exchange called ,,Bee Free (be volunteer)” will be held from 20th to 27th of June in Olomouc, Czech Republic. These eight days include: first day of arrivals, six days of active program and last day of departures. The goal of this project will be to offer participants to try to live like a volunteer with opportunities to choose their work according to their interests. Each participant will join one workshop of these five: ecological workshop offering activities in the countryside, art workshop presenting creative program for seniors in a retirement home, workshop of helping and spending time with children in a kindergarten, workshop dealing with blind people in their community centre and finally there will be prepared collateral technical workshop for people who would like to try different type of activities.
    We hope to inspire participants to become active in volunteering when they come back home from our project and we also want to raise consciousness about European Voluntary Service. Volunteering helps young people to develop their personal, professional and social skills. We want them to experience work with other volunteers, disabled people, children and seniors.
    Cooperation with: Sluňákov (centre of ecological activities of the town of Olomouc), TyfloCentrum (centre for visually impaired people), kindergarten in Olomouc, SPOLU Olomouc Středisko podpory integrace (centre for mentally handicapped people) and Odborný léčebný ústav Paseka (a sanatorium). A traditional partner will be the Children House Olomouc.
    UG CZ applied for funds for this project at the European Commision Youth in Actions programme.
    Youth in Action programme

    • Europe of the Opportunities II. (Evropa možností – chceš-li II.)

    The UGCZ team is also preparing a renewed project “Europe of the Opportunities”. We are planning to create an interactive 90 minutes long workshops, visit basic and high schools in our region and inform and motivate young students to become volunteers.
    UGCZ applied for funds for this project at the Ministry of education, youth and sports of the Czech Republic.

    • European Voluntary Service

    United Games is now still hosting an EVS volunteer from Austria Stefanie Jauk, and newly we are sending our first volunteer abroad. Klára Lakomá from Hradec Králové will spend 2 months (15th February – 15th April 2011) in Portugal. For reports, details etc. click here.

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