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    United Games Czech Republic were founded in 1991 in Plzeň by dr. Jiří Vaculík. Several first years, festivals were planned for the children. In 1996, dr. Vaculík started to work at the Palacky University in Olomouc, and asked Barunka Trávníčková, headmaster of the Children House in Olomouc, for a co-operation in organizing UG projects.

    Barunka talks about their first meeting: “One time a serious bald man came to my office. He said that he was Jiří Vaculík, he worked at this organization and prepared festivals and other projects for children and youth. He behaved to me so arrogant, that I told myself I would never co-operate with this guy. And since that moment, we have been in the co-operation for 15 years.” Dr. Jiří Vaculík is still a president of the UGCZ, and he is not arrogant – he just looks like that. :-)

    Since that time, youth exchanges are prepared every year in Olomouc, together with many other projects. All the activities are made up and prepared by the young organizers – basic school, high school and university students from the Olomouc region.