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    A Selective Chronology:


    United Games helped organize a meeting in Austria for young people from the states of the former Yugoslavia, which was at the time under embargo and total isolation. This was the meeting where the Post Pessimist movement started.

    As the young people from Subotica also took part in the Post Pessimists movement, the first contacts were made with the United Games International. First steps were taken to include Subotica (Yugoslavia) into the United Games activities.

    The result was the United Nations World Peace Day Celebration in September, a three-day long meeting organized by young people in Subotica.


    United Games activities were dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the UN. The plan was to organize a Musical that would be performed in all United Games countries at the same time. Subotica joined this process and performed the Peace Child Musical on 10th June, and this way proved to the other member countries to be worthy of joining the organization. The government and other youth organizations in Yugoslavia also supported this event.


    The town of Subotica officially became a member of United Games of Nations and organized the UG Festival for the first time.

    The festival was dedicated to Peace. There was a big peace concert on the main square of the town with foreign bands and performances. It was a very successful beginning and Subotica continued its work within the United Games the whole year long.


    The bombing of Yugoslavia had started and United Games events could not be organized. Yugoslavia was completely cut off the world. Regardless of the situation in the country, young people in Subotica found a way to participate at the United Games Festival in other countries. Young people who were studying in Hungary had the opportunity to travel and be part of the United Games process that year.

    After the bombing campaign, Subotica was given the possibility to continue its role in the United Games. In August there was a camp organized in Olomouc. Young people came together from different countries to write a European Youth Resolution, which was presented later in every single country of the United Games.

    The result of this Resolution writing was presented to the European Youth Foundation in Strasbourg and to the European Council in Brussels.


    On October 5 a big change happened in Serbia, the government of Milosevic was overthrown by the people of Serbia. This also changed the activities of the United Games Serbia. For the first time our games had a very deep meaning, we organized several workshops with very useful and needful topics to discuss. Subotica showed the way to Peace and Democracy.


    More than words… – take action for understanding, where peace and tolerance were in focus

    Pro Libro charity concert – it planned to enlarge the holdings of the Town Library.

    Be the change! Connection Training Course organized by Peace Child International and United Games Serbia and Montenegro. It was designed to give the participants (young people from NGOs) the necessary skills and knowledge for joining the Be the Change programme of the Peace Child Europe through the implementation of youth-led micro projects.


    Equalance – Visiting the school of blind and deaf children, learning about handicapped people.

    The other two project were more action oriented. In the first one the participants and organizers helped in renewing the equipment of the ZOO (painting signs and making the playground more colorful). In the second, we painted the outside walls of the “Kolibri” Kindergarten.


    Look, Listen and Talk (LLT) – a project focused on the inclusion of deaf people.

    Funecology – a project focused on local and global ecological issues.


    Look, Listen and Learn (L3) – a continuation of the previous year’s project LLT. Participants learned sign language and spent time with the deaf people from the Subotica Association of Deaf people

    Project 2 – This project is a combination of a workshop and an action project designed to make the participants “think globally” and “act locally”. The number 2 in its name represents the union between these two concepts. The project consists of two parts. The theme of the first part was the global ecological issue. The second part of “Project 2” was the actual action project. The participants were involved in the reconstruction of a children’s playground in Subotica.


    Games Unite Us – An action project conducted in two elementary schools. The participants and organizers painted life sized board games in the two school’s yards.


    In February United Games Serbia finally became a registered NGO under the name “Ujedinjene igre naroda Srbija”.

    The Circus of Life – The participants and organizers prepared costumes and dressed up as circus performers to visit the local orphanage.

    Take It Off! – The name came from the nowadays popular problems with people playing different roles. In this discussion workshop the participants talked about various issues, including leading and managing a group.