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    United Games Slovenia is an accredited organisation for European Voluntary Service (Action 2 in an European Commission Youth in Action programme).

    Current volunteers:

    • Júlia Hentz (Hungary)
    • Ingunn Aanes (Norway) – both August 2010 to August 2011

    More details, information, reports and stories from both girls your can find on their blog: http://evsinslovenia.blogspot.com/

    Past volunteers:

    • Lea Lenđel (Serbia) – May 2009 to May 2010

    Lea’s EVS report; December 2009

    United Games started for Christmas

    From the 4-13 December I helped the organization “United Games” in the making and organizing the festival. In the program I also was leading my own workshop along with my mentor, Nina Sinožić. The workshop was called: “you bully me, I bully you! “ For the first three days (5.12.-8.12.) we where gathering the delegations from the “United Games” organization and we held a meeting for them where we showed what are we going to do in our workshop, getting to know the project and giving them some tips what to do and how to help the pupils in fixing the bullying problem in their schools. I already had experience with a similar project in Subotica, so it wasn’t hard to lead this workshop and I was a big help to my mentor. The workshop started with a normal “Ice Breaking” game to get to know the participants better.

    After three days we divided ourselves into three groups and we visited the secondary schools and we presented our project to the pupils, and also promoting the festival which was happening. Except for the project and leading the workshop, I had also a task to be a hostess and program organizer.

    We made the whole festival in Christmas stile, so St. Nicolas day (6.12.2009.) we left on the door knobs some stockings full of candy for everyone.

    Lea Lenđel

    EVS volunteer in Slovenia

    Lea’s EVS report; May – August 2009

    My first week in Slovenia started with a nice Welcoming party and then the next day it was work. One of my first activities was to be part of “Sustainability” seminar witch took place from the 10. – 17. of May 2009. Witch was organized by the organization “No Excuse, Slovenia” and at the mean time; I slowly got to know what I would be doing here and my part as an EVS volunteer. At the “Sustainability” seminar we learned about the recycling, method endurance, with the special aspect in world around us and the techniques how to make a good use what nature gives us. Accept for the meetings, we also had different activities in groups, education games together with the other participants from Norway, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Turkey and Italy that where also part of are activities. My task was to be present at the meetings, activities and games witch where organized and of course I helped with leading some “Ice Braking games”.

    In the program we also visited the city Ljubljana and Piran where we had short lectures about pollution and we also had sightseeing. My part of the work was to help to organize the accommodation, choosing the food and the closing of the program.

    After the seminar in Ljubljana my next task was to find and contact other non governmental organizations in Slovenia and their aver of the congress witch will take place from the 25. of July till the 1. of August 2009. I regularly participated at the “United Games of Nations”- UGN, my hosting organization and I’m helping them prepare the UG festival witch will be held at the beginning of December 2009. I also went on the meetings for organizing the congress and other small activities in Ljubljana and Izola for the organization “No Excuse, Slovenia”, partner of UGN. We organized stands to promote “Life with out tobacco” and other activities.

    For the European Youth Congress, my task was the same as the others in the organization. We organized the plan and program for the whole week and checking if everything went as planed. I was waking up guests so they can be at the meetings in time and I was also in charge of organizing the night program and free time. In the congress we had a lot of action projects where all of the participants where in different workshops.

    During July we had an action project called “Kings of the Street” with Luka Vitez. The goal of the project was to help the homeless and we put ourselves in there position, we experienced how it is to be a homeless person and we where selling there magazines in Ljubljana. The project was successful we even wrote something for the new copy of the magazine (about are experience and ect.) and on the magazine it’s also written what we where doing and about our organization.

    I also had meetings with the United Games organizers from Czech Republic in August, where I presented the Slovenian non-governmental organization.

    One of my tasks is also to go to meetings, writing journals, helping in the active projects like: “Everyday in a wheelchair”, “Books for the Rome people”, “Homophobia on the Streets” and “Kings of the Street”.

    EVS volunteer – Lea Lenđel